Courchevel Changes Village Names

The good folks in Courchevel have decided to spruce things up this season with a rebranding - starting with the vilage names!

Courchevel 1850Courchevel 1850 will be known simply as Courchevel, 1650 has been renamed Courchevel Moriond; Courchevel 1550 is now called Courchevel Village and Le Praz, (usually known as Courchevel 1330) has been renamed Courchevel Le Praz. The only resort in the valley to keep it's name is La Tania.

A number of reasons have been cited for the change including dispelling the common belied that the names relate to the altitude with Courchevel 1850 actually sitting at 1760m. 

In addition to the rebranding, the resort is also investing in new lifts including a brand new lift to replace the Biollay and a brand new magnetic safety system being installed on 18 of the chairlifts this season. As always, the pistes are always developing with significant work to ensure the terrain remains fresh with something for all abilities. 

Courchevel is still one of our favourite resorts and we wish them all the best with the rebranding but for now, we'll be sticking with the original names! 


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